Tower Run



Tower Run is a free mobile game. Welcome to a world of sticks and platforms where you will be forced to run, balance, jump, and puzzle your way from one point to another. Do you have what it takes to become the ultimate tower runner or will you fall and become a pit walker? Only time will tell but in this free, fun, game you’ll get the chance to try over and over. Each level is a different series of platforms and puzzles that you’ll have to navigate using your reflexes but then also your mind. Learn to balance on top of a series of balls that slowly disappear as you approach your goal, dodge swinging spikes and pits full of acid. This is the ultimate obstacle challenge where you persevere by running and not by falling. Tower run is an endless runner-style game where players will compete to beat the big bad obstacle course itself. Are you the ultimate tower runner? Find out in this fast, free, fun, game that will have your heart truly racing as you slip and slide your way to ultimate victory.



Tap on the screen in order to make a new ball appear. What you’re trying to do is use the balls to navigate through the various levels of the tower.