Subway Runner



Subway Runner is a free endless runner game. The light at the end of the tunnel maybe you. And maybe, you’re running away as fast as you can. Running from what? Running to where? It doesn’t matter. Nothing does. Basically, all you need to know is that you start this game running and if you wish to win and not disappear in a puff of grey smoke then you’ll need to survive forever. That means jumping half the time and sliding the other half. It is a careful balancing act which you and only you are in charge of and can keep straight. So, get your favorite kicks and start running. In order to pay for this whole operation, you’ll need to pick up and collect as many coins as you can carry. The coins are all around you, in front of you and beside you. Your job is to gather as many as you can as you chug along through the subterarian levels. This is a game about Subway, not the sandwhiches, but the underground world of tracks and routes and othe such things.



On your desktop computer use the up button to jump and the down button to slide.

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