Starnaut is a free desktop puzzle game. Welcome to space, Starnaut. We hope you survive the experience. Space is the finalist of all frontiers. And you are all alone out there playing hopscotch with the universe as you jump from square to square, collecting stars and trying to find your way home. If you want to survive and you want to win then you’re going to have to hop smart, hop fast and hop correct. In this game, you can jump from square to square, and if you run out then press Z in order to place a new square. But be careful because you only have a few squares to drop and you can’t just be throwing them out there willy nilly. As you progress through increasingly difficult levels you will unlock new powers and new abilities. Starnaut is a cute, retro-bit puzzle game where you hop around in order to get ahead. Collect those stars and find those doors as you take on the whole galaxy itself. Good luck out there star buddy, we hope you make it home and don’t get any stars in your eyes.


Use the W,A,S,D keys to hope around. Press Z in order to drop a square.