Spin is a free physics puzzle game. You are a ball and you want to go home. Your home is somewhere on the bottom of the screen. In order to make it happen, you’re going to have to navigate a precarious world of spinning platforms. The good news is that you get to control the spinning of the platforms the bad news is that it isn’t easy, but hey, it is fun. In Spin, you’ll take control of a balls’ destiny by spinning it through a series of platforms, levels, slides, ramps, and other obstacles as you avoid bottomless pits. Your goal is to guide and eventually launch the ball directly into the. flag. Sometimes you’ll only have to spin one platform. Sometimes you’ll have to navigate your way through a barrage of spinning platforms. Either way, the game remains the same: spin and you shall win. In this game, you can spin clockwise or counterclockwise. You haave absolute control of the platforms and ultimately the destiny of the ball. You just gotta spin like you mean it, spin llike you want it, and spin like your life depends on it because it kind of does.


Use the A and D keys to spin the platforms clockwise and counterclockwise. Guide the ball to the flag.

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