Softwood Blocks



Softwood Blocks is a free puzzle game. Softwood Blocks are an ancient form of leisure and entertainment. They are a puzzle made by humans for humans in order to amuse and challenge themselves in order to have fun and forget about their day to day lives. Softwood blocks is a game that allows you to virtually simulate the puzzles of classic puzzle block games from the palm of your hand or while sitting at your computer. You will be shown a darkened shape and a selection of softwood blocks of varying sizes. Your job is to determine how to fit all of the shapes together in order to properly fill in the shape. Can you do it? The first few levels are pretty easy but as time goes on it gets harder. the levels are more and more complicated. They will challenge you in ways that you don’t even comprehend yet. softwood blocks is a free puzzle game that children and adults of all ages will love to challenge themselves with. Hop on and start playing, challenge your friends and see how dar p the leader board you can actually get. It is an exciting way to spend the day!



On your desktop computer or mobile device use your mouse or finger to click on the blocks and move them into the shape.