Nerf Super Soaker Rainstorm Water Blaster


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Nerf Super Soaker Rainstorm Water Blaster:

Surprise everyone as you unleash a drenching blast of water from the Nerf Super Soaker Rainstorm water blaster! This Super Soaker blaster is designed with a barrel that streams a downpour of water to soak the competition. Place the front of the blaster in water and pull the plunger handle back to fill the tank, then push the handle forward to release a soaking surf of fun. It’s easy to use, so kids, teens, and adults can all blast into outdoor water battles. Get outside, get active, and get soaked! Tank capacity is 22 fluid ounces (650 milliliters). The Nerf Super Soaker brand has been pouring on the fun since 1989 and continues to drench everyone with water-blasting mayhem! Head outdoors for extreme soakage with Nerf Super Soaker blasters! Ages 6 and up.


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