Monster High Freaky Fusion: Neighthan Rotv


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In a freaky twist of adventure, some of the favorite Monster High ghouls get accidentally fused together. Prepare to see the original tribe of beast ghoulfriends like you’ve never seen them before with this Monster High Freaky Fusion Neighthan Rot Doll! Fusing unicorn heritage with zombie ancestry, Neighthan Rot is the newest student to trot the howlways of Monster High. This fashion doll is scary cool, wearing a shirt and pants that mix color blocking with gore-geous anatomical details. Killer yellow kicks (with specks of blue) and a matching horned hat – with a hole cut out for his own horn – complete the to-undie-for look. Monsterrific touches include his blue translucent horn, unicorn ears and rainbow streaks of color in his extra-long mane. This Monster High Neighthan Rot doll also comes with a stand and brush, as well as a personalized diary that contains scary cool insights into Unicorn-Zombie personality. Collect Monster High Neighthan Rot “fusionable” ghoulmates (each sold separately) to expand the fun to monster proportions.

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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 14 × 9 in


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