Monster High Freaky Fusion: Cleolie


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In a freaky twist of adventure, some of the favorite Monster High ghouls get accidentally fused together. Prepare to see the original tribe of beast ghoulfriends like you’ve never seen them before with the Monster High Freaky Fusion Cleolei Doll! Fusing the Mummy heritage of Cleo de Nile with the werecat ancestry of Toralei, Cleolei has some ferocious issues: despite the Ancient Egyptian’s “alleged” worship of cats, Cleo has always been allergic to Toralei. But together, they inspire a fiercely “fusionable” look. This Cleo doll has this outfit wrapped up wearing a yellow fashion with hieroglyphic-inspired print and shimmery jacket. To-die-for accessories, like strappy platforms, a colorful cat-adorned belt and a golden headband complete the scary cool look. Monster High Freaky Fusion Cleolei Doll has a single fingerless glove and a golden bag with cat-shaped adornments that are killer. Monsterrific details include a cat’s tail, cat ears and cat-shaped eyes.Monster High Freaky Fusion doll also comes with a stand and brush, as well as a diary that contains scary cool insights into her clashing personalities.

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