Minecraft Nerf Pillagers Crossbow Blaster


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Minecraft Nerf Pillagers Crossbow Blaster:

Nerf and Minecraft combine to create distinctive blasters for your Nerf battles! The Nerf Minecraft Pillager’s Crossbow takes its inspiration from the popular game, Minecraft. Take on targets with this dart-blasting crossbow and experience real crossbow action. Pull the priming lever to draw back the crossbow’s string, then press the button to fire 1 dart. The crossbow has 3 front-loading barrels, so you can unleash 3 darts in a row. The Nerf Minecraft crossbow includes 3 Official Nerf Elite foam darts that are tested and approved for performance and quality, and are great for indoor and outdoor Nerf battles. Eyewear recommended (not included.) Includes bow, bow arms, 3 darts, and instructions. Ages 8 and up.


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