Jump Monkey



Jump Monkey is a free avoider game.  Jump into fun with this fast-moving reflex game that pits you against your own hunger. You’re a skinny monkey who is trying to plump up by chowing down on cheeseburgers, cherries, bananas, and other delicious snacks. The only problem is that all of them are above your head and you’re gonna have to climb up and jump as fast as you can because there is no left, no, right, and no down. While the game seems simple it will become more and more complex as time goes on. You’re going to want to figure out the special abilities provided to you by each of the different foods. Once you know what they all do you can exploit their abilities to the fullest extent of your powers. Jump Monkey is a game where all you have to do is tap or click in order to make your cute little monkey buddy move in time with the momentum of the game. So, jump into the jungle and quit monkeying around in this delicious new avoider game from Addicting Games.



You are trying to avoid branches and bee’s as you pick up different types of food hovering in the air. On your desktop computer, you’re going to want to use your mouse to click in order to activate your monkey’s jumps.

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