Jewel Pet Match



Jewel Pet Match is the cutest matching game you will ever play. There are adorable pets to match! You will find frogs, chicks, piglets, birds, and even foxes! You also have the option of matching flowers. Match 3 or more of the same pets or plants to gain points to pass each level. Earn power-ups like chopsticks, extra move, and school of fish. Chopsticks lets you pick out one pet from the board while school fish will chase away random pets. Do not forget to also click your daily prize. Click on the wheel to earn power-ups for your day’s game. The bar at the top will let you know how many points you need to get to the next star. Your objective is to earn all 3 stars for every level. There are multiple levels in this online game for you to play. 



To play this matching game, swap and match pets of the same color in chains of 3 or more. If you match 4 or more, you will be rewarded with power-ups! If you take too long, the pet will hop up to give you a hint. Each level must be completed within the number of moves indicated at the top of the game.

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