The first town settled on this little island was named Sunset Shores. Over 200 years old, the town was founded by Russel Tusk III, an entrepreneur turned adventurer. Russel followed his dream of re-tracing his great grandfather’s path and rediscovering the island that his late ancestor was supposedly marooned on. Upon arrival, the crew noticed the island’s plentiful resources and no trace of any native population. Russel used this to their advantage, setting up a trade route to the mainland to bring in supplies and laborers. Eventually this quiet island grew into a small bustling port town, kicking off the Tusk family legacy and fortune. 

    Decades after founding the city, the Tusk Family fortune was led by a new young walrus: Tilly Tusk. Tilly was an educated young lady that inherited her family’s urge to explore. On a whim one day she took a ferry out to a smaller island off the coast of the mainland. After a long morning of wandering around the small beach and fighting through thick jungle vegetation she found a the opening of a cave. The cave yielded unforeseen discoveries. Tilly stumbled across the journal of her long lost ancestor, and found her family’s legacy was not what she had imagined. Her family tree stemmed from a savage who terrorized the seas and sealed his own fate when he attacked the original natives of The Toy Isle, who bound him to the land eternally and cursed a gold necklace the pirate had stolen. To hide this dark discovery Tilly built the family estate on this small island to keep the secret close and protect the Tusk name.

    Today, the head of the Tusk family business is a walrus named Walter Tusk, a well-meaning individual with a kind heart. Taking on the stage name Captain Wally, he recently accepted the task of being the host of the island’s local T.V. series, Captain Wally’s cartoon hour, as well as ownership of the family’s pirate theme park. This mantel was passed down to him from his grandfather. At this time the Tusk family curse has been all but forgotten over the generations, having embraced their bloodline’s past and built their park on the small island where their cursed ancient ancestor lay. Trapped for centuries, the restless spirit could hear the happy patrons outside of his sealed tomb, that is until recent park renovations broke his cage allowing the ill-intentioned ghost to escape!

The Crew

    Bongo is the main character, a mellow monkey with passions for photography and surfing, even enjoying a career as a photo journalist for the Sunset Shores Daily. Bongo met Tucker and Marty on the first day of high school, bonding at lunch over their favorite comics and local surf legend Red Barkowski. Surfing is the glue that bonded this group of friends. Having won the local surf contest upon his first year moving into town, Bongo casually snatched victory away from the then-champions and rivals, Terra and Molly. After stealing first place back and forth from each other every year for nearly a decade, the girls finally met their match. With their rivalry broken, they were able to get over their competitive natures and become friends, just like they had been as children, and go on to build a successful business together! Bongo helped the whole crew come together and support each other in their ventures, cementing them all as lifelong friends.