Harbor Escape


Harbour Escape is a ship-themed puzzle game where your objective is to escape from a crowded shipping port. It’s crazy enough to get out of a parking lot when it comes to your car but now even the docks are full of bad boat-drivers. There is only one way out and which makes it even harder for everyone to get into place. It’s up to you to direct the other ships and boats out of the way to be able to free your own boat. There are 40 levels of puzzles for you to solve in this online game. Keep track of your time to make sure you figure out a way out before it runs out. Once you’ve solved all 40 levels, go to the main menu to check out the high scores. Play again to beat your own score and rise up to the top of the leaderboards.


To play this puzzle game, use your mouse or finger to slide the other ships or boats in the right arrangement to help your main boat escape. Once there is a clear path, slide your boat through the exit. In the righthand column, you’ll find your level, score, and a timer. Below this, you’ll see the pause button and your sound settings.

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