Golf Blast



Golf Blast is a free mobile golf game. Swing putter, putter swing. Golf is a sports game which tests your ability to judge distance and makes you estimate physics with absolute certainty, then forces you to translate those calculations through your body and into the perfectly timed shot that finds its way gracefully to the golf hole.  In golf blast, we do away with the trivialities of piloting a human body or owning a whole entire set of golf clubs and instead replace them with a simple point and click interface. However, you cannot escape physics. Our free golf game is a multi-level platform game where you’ll be trying to sink the ball by measuring the distance and velocity at which you hit the ball. We’ve provided a set of green laser dots to help you evaluate the speed and distance on your own but ultimately it’ll take some trial and error to get the ball from the bottom of the screen to the top or from the top of the screen to the bottom with as few swings as possible. Prepare for a hole in one and get swinging with this awesome golf game.



On a mobile device use your finger to tap, drag, and aim the ball. You will have to keep in mind the robust physics engine we use to negotiate the velocity and direction of the ball. On your desktop computer use your mouse to click on the golfball to select it and then drag the mouse to aim the shot and choose the poweer level you’ll be firing at.

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