Flags of Europe



Flags of Europe is a map game that teaches you about European geography. Are you a pro at identifying flags? Do you know the flags of Greece, Italy, or France? Can you tell apart the flags of Austria, Croatia, and Ukraine? Even if you are not a flag geek, this is a great game to help teach you the flags of Europe. Whether you have a big test or you just want to impress your friends, Flags of Europe is a great educational game to train your mind. Not only must you identify the flag, but you must click on the correct location on the map. Bad at this map game? Don’t worry, the game teaches you as you play so that you get better every time. Learn about European geography and the flags with this fun educational game. 



To play this educational game, click on play, and look at the flag you are shown. Click on the corresponding country. If you get the answer wrong, the game will show you the correct answer for the country you selected. Get the answer wrong 3 times and the game will show you the correct one. Each game has 30 questions. Your score starts at 100 but you lose points for every question answer wrong.

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