Dunk A Lot



Dunk A Lot is a free mobile game. Welcome to the court, sir dunks a lot. In this game, you will dribble, shoot, and score your way through an endless platform puzzle. As a sentient basketball, you will be fighting gravity and various obstacles and hazards as you try to dunk your way into the history books. Collect all the stars on each level in and then dunk your ball in order to unlock the next level. Sometimes you can cheat by banking yourself off of the wall but sometimes those same walls are made of lasers and will destroy you. This is an endless runner game in the sense that you will be clicking and dribbling until you die. Each basket unlocks the next level and you will play as long as you can succeed. But beware! For each new level is more and more complex than the last. New hazards, new obstacles, new platforms, and more stars. Collect, dunk, and ball so hard you break the leaderboard in this fast-paced future ball-based sports game.



On desktop click your left mouse button to dribble a ball and dunk it into the moving hoop. On your mobile device tap until you score.