Crazy Caves



Crazy Caves is a free clicker game. Somewhere inside the caves, you will find a prize, a prize that might very well change your life. But in order to access it, you’ll have to click, tap, avoid and persevere against the tyranny of falling rubble. In Crazy Caves, you’ll face down an avalanche of collapsing rock but if you are able to dodge the debris and shoot the shrapnel you’ll be able to unlock money, jewels, prizes, and the sweet taste of victory that comes with blasting your way through sedimentary rock. This is a world where riches and the glory that come with them can be yours but you’ll have to work for them. Click or tap as fast as you can to throw pick axes and destroy the boulders as they fall towards you. Feast on the delicious jewels and emeralds inside and you’ll rejoice in the glory that comes from devastating the rocks. Collect the money and jewels in order to level on up and you’ll be rewarded with cool new powers and abilities.



On your desktop computer or mobile device please click or tap to throw your pickaxes and smash your way through debris in order to collect points, jewels, and special power-ups.

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